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Getting Your Sh*t Together… Less is the New More.

Have you heard? Less is the new more! I really wish that everyone could get into this…  I mean really get into it and apply it to every aspect of … Continue Reading →


Getting your sh*t together Tuesday Step 3 evaluate – take action

Ok – so you’ve cleaned our your purse and your car – or whatever small step you chose right? Maintaining? Excellent. Now that you’ve got an accurate picture of what your … Continue Reading →

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10 steps to a better morning

1. Clean out your make up bag. Digging through a bunch of junk make up each and every morning just slows you down. If you are like me something will … Continue Reading →


Getting your sh*t together Tuesday – Step 2. Start Small

Last week the ‘assignment’ was to keep a list for the week. Your list is complete right? Trick question… it probably won’t be complete – ever. Your list will evolve … Continue Reading →

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Getting our sh*t together… step 1(of like a million)

I’ve had my sh*t together, lost my sh*t, got my sh*t together and even kept my sh*t together all like a million times… I’m sure many relate. I’m faaaaar from … Continue Reading →

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St Patricks Day Treats!

Jello instant pudding was perfect when I was a kid, we always had it and all of the ingredients to make it! And Pistachio was my favorite! To celebrate St. … Continue Reading →


Google Doodle Does Saul Bass

Just this last Sunday the BF went downstairs to watch a movie while I worked on the blog. About an hour in I sent him a text to check in … Continue Reading →

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What is in a Margarita?

Classic Margarita Recipe What is in a Margarita – many people use margarita recipes one the back of a ready made mix, not realizing how easy it is to mix … Continue Reading →


Hello Bluejay

Soooo… I was sort of working on my blog the other day (mainly reading other blogs) and I looked out the window and saw this little blue jay perched on … Continue Reading →

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What is May Day?

What is May Day? Through most countries around the world May Day is a celebration of Spring, we can thank Flora the Roman Goddess of flowers for this lovely holiday. … Continue Reading →