Getting your sh*t together Tuesday – Step 2. Start Small


Last week the ‘assignment’ was to keep a list for the week. Your list is complete right? Trick question… it probably won’t be complete – ever. Your list will evolve – because you are evolving all the time. Your worries will change, your needs and your wants will change as well. This is a good thing.

Now, don’t be shy about putting things on your list – the more you refine your list the more specific those things will become and those things will be easier to mark off. A long list is a good one – more to cross off. Accomplishments are a good thing – even baby ones. Once you’ve starting crossing things off of your list you will start getting to the bottom of things and working on other smaller issues.

Now for the action – lets jump in and cross something off TODAY.


If your list is more vague you might need to massage it a bit more before you can cross something off. For example if ‘Get Organized’ is on your list, you want to list out specifics. Lets start with something small. Your purse. Or your car. Or your makeup drawer. Something seemingly small and easy that will make a big impact. Bigger than you think, most likely. I love cleaning out my purse –  when I’m up and ready to go in the morning grabbing my newly cleaned purse is a shock to my system – usually it’s much lighter and it makes me feel lighter and happier to start my day.

Try it.

Now, what to work on this week for next Tuesday – Keep a calendar of your week. Let’s get a real idea of what your schedule looks like. Not the one in your head or on the refrigerator at home but the real life one. Write down your schedule and commitments and the time they take. If you find you forget to add things write them down as you go. For example, you run to the grocery store three times – write that down. Soccer is from 5 – 7 but you actually don’t get home until 7:45 because you hang out with the other parents or practice runs long – write that down. Let’s get a really good picture of what your schedule actually is – not just what it is supposed to be. You will be surprised how different they are.


1. Cross something off your list.


1. Create & keep an accurate calendar of what you are spending time on for the week.

That’s it… not so bad, right?



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  • Cori Enghusen says:

    If there is anything I love, it is a good list-making. And if I get to schedule in time to eat and drink like you did, I’m in! xo

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